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Nicole Javellana (/nɪˈkoʊl/ ni-KOHL ha-vel-ya-na)


@nikitavisiion @nikitavisiion.obj

Nicole is a creative technologist and new media artist based in LA and Chicago. Primarily working in 3D software and simulation, her practice is grounded in decolonizing her Filipino heritage by revitalizing indigenous motifs and practices. Javellana's work aims to contribute to the growing intelligentsia of contemporary cultural practice– by creating trans-digital spaces for indigenous Filipino knowledge to flourish in a modern world. Through experimentation with virtual and augmented realities, game engines, and fabrication, Javellana continues to create immersive technological experiences with her ancestral understanding in mind

She is based in Los Angeles, CA, and Chicago, IL.

Please refer to her email for business inquiries.



instagram: @nikitavisiion

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