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"my kamagi"

SAIC Undergraduate Exhibition April 7-15 2023

My Kamagi is a necklace that combines traditional Visayan gold craftsmanship with wearable technology. It's inspired by Filipino gold craftsmanship and aims to honor cultural traditions while exploring new artistic possibilities. The necklace has a traditional appearance but incorporates modern technology, with sensors hidden inside. These sensors synchronize with the Kudyapi, a traditional Visayan boat lute, producing melodies and rhythms for an immersive cultural experience. To create this piece, we used 3D modeling software to devise the pieces and printed it. Achieving the perfect gold finish required experimenting with various paints and dyes. We carefully selected and curated musical samples to ensure they complemented the necklace's design. In summary, My Kamagi  showcases how creativity can bridge tradition and innovation, offering new experiences that honor the past while embracing the future