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peace be with you

for Spring Undergraduate Exhibtion at SAIC Galleries

33 E Washington St


"Peace Be With You" is an interactive simulation that was showcased as the second piece in the SAIC Galleries Spring Undergraduate Exhibition. The simulation focuses on the Catholic ritual of Eucharistic Adoration, in which a consecrated host (bread), representing the body of Christ, is placed into an adorned scepter. During the process, the priest wields the scepter while chants play in the background, and parishioners are required to kneel for the entirety of the meditation period, which can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

As the monstrance makes its way around the room during the Adoration process, many parishioners react in various ways, such as religious ecstasy, sadness, or even violence. Some individuals may scream at the sight of the host, while others may cry, laugh, or experience panic. The simulation aims to uncover the psychological significance of religion in exerting undue influence over a large group of people.

The Spaniards' agenda to spread Catholicism has been both a tool and justification for indigenous erasure, illegal occupation and internalized ‘otherness’ within the Filipino psyche. In particular, the Adoration process places the power of God's judgment within the monstrance and the priest wielding the host. In this interactive sim, the monstrance is the main player, with a beam of light emanating from its center. Proximity to this light and the monstrance triggers different flavors of religious ecstasy in the worshippers, who are in a permanent state of praise until summoned. The user becomes complicit in this process of indoctrination by playing the role of 'God.'

further technical documentation/research below.

world building: photogrammetry

below are original images of the Altar at which I was baptised at, in Metro Manila Philippines. There are over 60 photographs taken of the space, from varying angles. These images were then used to create a 3D model in Autodesk Recap.